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Let’s discuss a kitchen of your dreams!
Please plan a visit of our expert who will do the necessary measurements and suggest you a set of solutions. Learn more…


Mass-produced kitchen furniture might be cheaper and quicker to deploy, but nothing except good old carpentry is capable of utilizing every cubic inch of your hard-earned living space. Learm more…


Nothing compares to retiling, repapering, repiping. Though cosmetic renovation have its advantages too if done rightly. Learn more…

Why us?

We got right people

Our company is 2.5+ years old. During that time we’ve have installed 1000+ kitchen units for 200+ happy clients all over Boston and suburbs. Some members of our team have 10+ years of experience. All our employees are constantly background checked

Certificates of Honour

OSHA Compliance
Approval Certificate of EPA
Highly rated by Home Advisor for a quality Customer Service

Right tools

Currently we operate three vans bestowed with last generation of tools. Ever heard of 3D-printed cupboard doorknobs? We make them, if necessary

Competitive warranty period

Two years for all our jobs. The installed appliances and furniture units might often have a longer warranty period.

Aplenty of connections

Chosing us as a your local conpany is thrifty (you save transportation costs), and we have the right business connections. Nobody knows which construction materials or furniture or appliances provider suits you really best as we do.

A Word of Friendly Persuasion to DIY Enthusiasts

You might be thinking kitchen installation is not a rocket science and you’re right. But.

– Each project is unique. No ready-made solution is ideally suited for your kitchen premises. Your case might theoretically be standard but in praxis the depth of that new cupboard might require relocation of this power socket on a wall which happens to be tile-covered, plus unawareness of IKEA designers of some subtle details of your piping configuration might herald profound undesirable consequences when dealt with by amateurs.

– Your kitchen space deserves to be organised rationally. To win a precious cubic meter you can’t avoid but adapt some kitchen furniture and/or infrastructure items and/or even design a new one(s). That’s where carpenting and other professional skills and tools come into play.

– Smooth and error-free project implementation might be more important as you think. Kitchen installations and refurbishings are as tricky as a house job can be. Any false step or neglection might cause unpleasantly surprising amount time and monetary losses. What’s the point of having a table-top of noble Carrara marble if mould is forming under the poorly sealed sink’s rim?

– Solid connections in the business field. To view the whole spectrum of possibilities for your kitchen planning you need somebody who’s keeping in touch with providers of furniture and appliances.

– Up to date technologies. Kitchen is an inter-elementary hub of your living space where fire, water, heavily computerised appliances and ever-tightening sanitary requirements come together. No wonder the related technologies and material science are progressing in galloping tempo so as nobody but a hard-die profies are aware on the forefront developments. Even if you are a fan of classical solutions despising the novelties, modernity poses you questions not to be easily avoided. E.g., have you ever heard on hoods with heat recuperation cutting your energy bills? And on laughably expensive moisture-proof acryl paste Knauf worthy every cent of its price when used properly? That’s it.